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Dear Tourist, thanks for choosing and trust us. Hereby, the tourism agency Conde Travel, informs the general public its terms and conditions where participants accept and abide by the clauses listed in this document. Please read thoroughly this document, as many of the services along the trekking routes may be different than you are used to have in your country.

CONDE TRAVEL has differentiated services and packages, and also operates in regions where rural accommodation is basic, transport and services may NOT be what you are normally accustomed or expected.

But we provide the best services available on the route to our customers; we strive to choose good providers (lodging, restaurants) with great care, effort and diligence.

Travels and itineraries in Peru demand flexibility, patience, humor and understanding for some changes that could be made ​​without prior notice due to circumstances beyond our control. To book any of the tours offered, you must agree with the changes that Conde Travel could make to benefit passengers due to the following circumstances:

UNFORESEEN EVENTS: This is something that Conde Travel could not avoid, even using all possible means to try to fix it. This includes events such as war or threat, riots, diseases, natural disasters, bad weather conditions, fire, accidents or similar that is beyond our control.

In this case Conde Travel will not be responsible for such events and reserves the right to modify, postpone or even cancel the trip (of course being the last option). In case of strikes, protests, etc., we might have to start the tour very early in the morning, a day before, or days after, modifying the schedule (usually within 3 days). These changes do not allow refunding money or charging an additional price.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Before starting your trip we strongly recommend that you to obtain travel insurance that cover accidents, medical expenses and emergency repatriation, including air rescue and air ambulance. We also recommend indicating in your insurance topics like flight cancellations and lost luggage. You can send us a scanned copy of your insurance or order a copy to a family member or friend (s) of trust.

RISKS: You understand the risks involved in booking any of these adventure tours (Inca Trail, Salkantay, Ausangate, Choquequirao, Inca Jungle, Lares, etc.) fully assuming the risks involved in making such trips. Conde Travel is not responsibility for outsider events that may happen during the course of the trip due to the tourist negligence or events beyond our control.

RESPONSIBILITY: Conde Travel won’t take responsibility for accidents, injury, illness, death, delays, and injury to other people or property. Nor does it accept responsibility for, strikes, weather conditions, earthquakes, political conflicts, etc. that cause cancellations, changes, delays, etc. The customer would have to pay all expenses caused by the situations mentioned above. Also we are not responsible for lost belongings, theft or damage to baggage. Conde Travel reserves the right to cancel or modify the scheduled itinerary when deemed for a better development of the services and / or passenger’s safety. It is the responsibility of the passengers to have proper documentation passports, visas, TRAVEL INSURANCE, vaccines, vouchers, etc. Conde Travel is not responsible for delays or costs due to improper documents or lack of travel documents.

Travelers have to send us their personal data for the reservation, passport number or valid ID card, please note that the authorities that regulate the access of the main tourist attractions in Peru are not flexible on checking the number of passports or admission control.

The ISIC card (if applicable) must also be valid and display  at the time of booking and at the beginning of each tour, as well as the original identity document (ID or passport) which was used to make ​​the reservation.

Tour prices are handled according to the tourist season (high or low), quantity of people (private or group), seasons (summer or winter), and early booking forms (Bank, transfer, Paypal, Western Union) therefore you understand and agree the price differences that may present each passenger separately.

To secure your booking you have to pay 50% of the total cost of the tour, the rest will be paid once you are in Cusco. To get the discount as students, passenger should previously send a scanned image of the valid ISIC card.

The fees for sending the 50% deposit and others will be covered by the customer and are not included in the cost of our tours. One or two nights before your tour you will have a preliminary talk (briefing) in your hotel, time will be confirmed in advance.

The final balance payment: We require that you complete the remaining payment in our office or in your hotel at the time of meeting and should be done in cash (US dollars or local currency) before starting your tour. We reserve the RIGHT to cancel the trip if the passenger doesn’t make the payment by the deadline.

Return to Cusco: The return train ticket is offered from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo in the type of train Backpacker and we provide a transfer by bus from Ollantaytambo to Cusco.

Return 5th day: If you want to stay an extra night at Aguas Calientes, we offer the option of buying your train ticket for the 5th day but the extra expenses will be covered by the customer (new ticket to Machu Picchu, buses up and down, bus from Ollantaytambo to Cusco, food, accommodation, etc.)

Train Tickets: Because the company Peru Rail provides and manages the train schedules, we are subject to its terms, it will issue tickets at the following schedule:

14:55 (+ $ 10)
18:45 (+ $ 5)
21:30 pm (included)

We have no control over the schedules so you agree to accept the return ticket time issued.

In case you want to change the train ticket schedule and if there is a possibility of it, either the same category or another one, the customer agrees to assume the extra charges involved.


(1) The deposit sent is not refunded or transferred to other person
(2) Conde Travel must be notified of any changes or cancellation of your trip as soon as possible and you must be sure of it, just send notification via e-mail.
(3) Once the last payment has been, It won’t be possible to give the money back due to cancellations, however, we can deliver to passengers some tickets (entrance fee of Machu Picchu, one way train ticket, 1 ticket for bus) if passengers only paid 50% unfortunately the refund won’t be possible.
(4) A letter of claim to your insurance company may also be provided by us upon request.

Additionally passenger must agree and accept the following terms:


  1. Pick up times are addressed in the program, participants must be ready and waiting for us at the hostel, if they are not ready on time, the agency is not responsible for delays or if they are abandoned by the transport, because it has to follow a settled schedule.
  2. If the participant is intoxicated, the agency has the right to cancel the tour without any reimbursement.
  3. Cancellations for any reason must be informed at least 24 hours prior to pick the passenger up
  4. Any cancelation has a penalty from 50% to 100% of the cost of the service, according to the reason for the cancelation or (50% if illness or accident) (100% for other reasons).
  5. Refunds will be made ​​in cash or according to the purchases that the agency has made ​​such as train tickets, entrance to Machu Picchu, etc.



  1. The Agency is committed to providing round trip private transport according to the program for all passengers, as well as the number of seats according to the number of participants.
  2. The Agency is committed to delivering a back train ticket to participants, after the visit to Machu Picchu as the terms of the contract or receipt.
  3. The schedule to come back to Ollantaytambo is established by the company PeruRail, Conde Travel is exempt from choosing a predetermined schedule to the participant.
  4. The Agency is not responsible for delays that may arise during the trip due to climate factors, landslides, strikes or other situations that can alter the program schedule or departure times.
  5. The Agency won’t be responsible for the loss of flights, accommodation or travel that the participant might have for the reasons mentioned in the clause 4 of this chapter.



  1. The Agency will deliver the equipment in good conditions required for downhill biking, boating and zip line as the program say, meanwhile each participant will be responsible of the equipment handed out if it is lost, damaged or forgotten.
  2. The Agency is not responsible for any accidents that the participant can suffer due to recklessness, through third parties or for injuries they can cause.
  3. The Agency won’t be responsible for the delays that may occur during our trip due to climate factors, landslides, strikes, or other situations that can alter our program.



  1. The Agency will give to the participant two or three nights of accommodation during the execution of the program or as specified in the contract.
  2. According to the program, the accommodation would be basic in rural and simple lodges, with 1 or 2 bathrooms, 1 shower for the whole group, consequently participants will take just the necessary time to shower, keeping in mind the needs of the other members of the expedition.
  3. The participant will follow the distribution of the accommodation according to the indications of the guide.



  1. The guide will always report in advance the details of the trek ahead.
  2. The treks will be done on the dates and times stipulated in the program.
  3. Participants who for some reason do not want to hike, can skip it but Conde travel will not be responsible for payment of transportation or food or other services that participants take out of the walk.
  4. The Agency is not responsible for delays or changes in the program that may arise during the treks due to weather, landslides, strikes or other situations that can alter the program.



  1. The Agency will provide meals to all participants during the tour, breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a cold or hot drink. The number of the meal will be specified in the tour program.
  2. All extra food will be paid by the participant.
  3. The Agency won’t include extra drinks out of the program.
  4. The participant will have to inform in advance regarding the type of food or diet that he or she needs so that our cook can be ready to prepare the special meals.
  5. The Agency is committed to providing the diet or type of alimentation required by the participant according to the availability of the producers of the place. In case the passenger follows a strict diet, he or she will have to coordinate with the agency far in advance before making the booking.



  1. The participant will have to abide the rules established by the organization responsible for the maintenance and conservation of the sanctuary, rules that will be informed by the guide.
  2. Passengers will have a guided tour about two hours, where the guide will explain about all the different attractions of the sanctuary.
  3. After the guided visit, the participants will have free time to explore the area by their own.
  4. The Agency does not guarantee the climate conditions during the development of our tours


Very Important: We strongly suggest travellers to have acclimation or stay at high altitude (above 3000 meters in Cusco or another region) ideally for a few days before starting the tour. This will reduce the possible effects in altitude, also you can help your body acclimatize by drinking plenty of fluids, adding a little more sugar to their drinks, eat foods rich in carbohydrates, avoiding alcohol and drinking coca tea (traditional old sheet). Please ask your doctor for prescription of additional medication.

* By confirming your booking you are accepting our terms and conditions.

Thank you and we are sure you will have an unforgettable experience!